So I've definitely been slacking on the blog entries. Will try to do better, but no promises.

It's Sunday, my only relaxation day, so I slept in forever. Went to bed around 3 or so last night and woke up this a.m. to some loud noises outside. Turned out to be mom yelling and banging on my window. For some reason she had no house keys on her ring and had locked herself out when my car was parked behind hers. My bad. Having no clue what was going on, I walked out in my robe with no glasses or contacts (i.e. blind as a bat) and was promptly told to move my car. She was already late, and going back in for my glasses didn't occur to me in my half asleep state, so I moved my car, blind and all. Not smart, but a quite impressive job I did if I do say so myself. v. proud. I then proceeded to sleep until 4pm. V. nice relaxing day.

Gotta love weekends. Or sundays, rather, since I work all friggin day on Saturdays.

Out to Spfld Brewing Co tonight with Stevie, and now Jan, too. Some people from high school are gonna be there, don't know how I feel about that. In high school I thought they were the cool kids and they were more popular and all that. Now, I've been through four years of that shit not mattering at all and don't know how it'll feel to hang out w. them. I kinda don't care. Am I a bad person for not wanting to hang out with these people at all? Nah, maybe I just came to my senses.

Off to go get all sexified for tonight. SMS rugby team hangs out there frequently, must dress to impress. Which doesn't take much for boys in bars, really. Perhaps will continue to update this thing more frequently. We shall see.

Oh, the tattoo is an abstractish outline drawing of a tiger on my ankle. Tres cool.

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