SmileyBits Day 4

1. On male and female friends sharing a bed/cuddling, a friend offered this sage advice: Just make sure that when you're spooning it doesn't turn into a spork.

2. Epic blonde moments. During a heated battle of Apples to Apples, the card "The Wright Brothers" turned up. The newly minted Alpine Barbie said with conviction, "I do love me some Unchained Melody." Much laughter followed.

3. I received a not-quite-yet-deserved initiation into Team Tie Dye from Tie Dye Bill himself, courtesy of Sponge Bob. I feel honored to be included.

4. My career has typically not been one that has involved anyone else in my life. Meaning, usually my word about what I'm working on is taken as gold and my friends, while interested, have very little input, experience, or passion about it because they are not exposed to that world. That was true when I was in philanthropy, and it has been true for some of my projects as a consultant thus far. However, the direction I'm trying to go - toward engagement with emerging markets that both benefits domestic companies and growing economies, does come up occasionally. With the recent FoxConn mass suicide threats, Apple joining the FLA and releasing supplier reports, and Mike Daisy making a giant ass of himself and the entire issue, my major career interest/path is a topic of conversation for everyone else, too. I am fortunate enough to have very smart and aware people in my life, and last night we sat at dinner in a nice restaurant (on the second floor away from the masses) having a heated discussion about outsourcing, working conditions, government involvement, etc. It was daunting, because I'm not used to my friends being wrapped up in my professional interests, but it was exhilarating and revealing.

5. I have a brand new beautiful smile! I broke my jaw when I was 12 and have had a couple of issues with my smile that I didn't like for years. My two front teeth were too big because of badly fitted crowns, and the cuspids were small and displaced, which left gaps. Recently, remnants from the injury forced me to have a tooth removed and an implant put in, and have the bad crowns replaced. This means I got to fix the issues that  were bothering me. It's not final yet, there are still some shaping and shading issues to smooth out in follow up procedures, but for the first time since I was 12 years old I have a smile that fits my mouth and has no gaps. It's nice how being happy with your smile can make you smile all the time. :)

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