SmileyBits Day 1

I'm not exactly a proponent of making commitments online. Seems like I'm usually setting myself up to fail.

I decided to make this commitment, though, because so much of how I derive my happiness is about sharing with others.

So starting today, until I leave for Indonesia in May, I'm publishing what I'm gonna call the SmileyBits. I want to identify and share the little things in my life that make me feel thankful, joyful, and peaceful.

So to start:

1. The woman at the deli counter at Mayflower Market. She's clearly the mother/aunt to the boys who work in the store, and she's got the best smiling eyes. Something in her greeting makes me feel nurtured every time I place an order.

2. Friends discussing how much space they need in a relationship: "I'd like to get married, but I'm afraid that means I'll probably have to share my bedroom."

3. Buy one get one half off on giant bags of expensive cat food:

4. Duct tape and my ability to make a cheap IKEA drawer last at least a few more months.

5. This chick: http://laughingsquid.com/airplane-lavatory-self-portraits-in-the-flemish-style/

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