Further commentary on the last post will follow at a time when I am feeling more eloquent in my expressions...or when I just get so pissed off I can't refrain.

For now...

I just finished watching Michael Moore's The Big One. I didn't think I'd like him at all...he always comes across as so liberal he can't think straight, and i just didn't think I'd enjoy watching him. You know what? I was wrong. I'm not a Moore follower by any means, but he's got some good points. My favorite point in his movie, however, was simply the one where he did a book signing at Library Ltd in St. Louis. Woo Hoo! That's my old bookstore. Obviously, I was still in high school when he made the film, so I wasn't working there yet, but still, it was cool to see it on film. Yay for great bookstores!

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