Read These Books

EVERYONE should read Ursula Hegi. Really, anything by her is good. I just read Hotel of Saints, a collection of her short stories, and loved it.
My fav quote from this book:
"There hasn't been anyone else since him. Unless you count the times I cruise the home-improvement stores to pick out a two-day-fellow for myself. One day for the get-acquainted-fuck, one day for the goodbye-fuck. It's that basic."

Wendy Dale, Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals
FABULOUS true travel narrative about a chick who dig's moving to exotic places and falling in love with the wrong men.


A collection of short travel narratives from women who chose to live in a foreign country.

Spider Robinson, God is an Iron
Thinking man's sci fi. I highly reccommend him if you like books that deal with the future and problems that come with it.

Best of American Travel Writing
Short travel narratives. Great stuff for those infected with the travel bug.

Also, AMandy, this is for you...I picked up the book with the hot guy from San Francisco on the back cover. What Should I Do With My Life? Like you said, the guy on back is enough inspiration for me. :)

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