I think I've finally got life working as I would like. I convince myself that I have everything planned out in a way that even allows for the unexpected. I am finally content. Then I actually try to go to sleep at a decent hour. Of course, being the terrible insomniac that I am, I can't sleep when I close my eyes at 3:30am, so I think instead. I think about Germany, what I'll do when I get back, getting a work permit, recent or future dates with great men in my life, and then, of course, I think about all the little details I neglected. Such as the idea of graduate school.

If I want to go to grad school when I get back from Germany, I have to apply this winter. If I apply this winter, I have to be here this coming spring for interviews. How does that work? If I don't apply, I have to take another whole year off to just work before I can further myself in a stable career. Arrrggghhhh. I know I won't figure it out tonight, but I certainly won't fall asleep until I do. Any great ideas?

Maybe one will occur to me in my dreams.

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