Thoughts on Palin's Wardrobe Malfunction

SF Gate reports on Sarah Palin's acceptance of campaign money for clothing:
Receiving more than $150,000 in clothing and accessories from the Republican National Committee last month doesn't just run counter to Gov. Sarah Palin's image as a "Wal-Mart Mom from Wasilla," it also might have violated the spirit if not the letter of a campaign finance law co-authored by her running mate, Sen. John McCain.
Here's the thing - I don't even mind that they used public money to buy her clothes if they are going to donate it all afterward (particularly if they are smart and auction it off for cash for charities rather than give it to good will or something). $150k is a bit excessive, but whatever - I can even deal with that.

What I can't deal with is where she shopped.

First of all, shopping at Neiman is not a responsible use of public money. Things cost more at Neiman because it's Neiman. Deign yourself to go Macys. I'm sure you can find some amazing and very expensive designer duds there.

Second, she preaches small town love and then shops at Neiman and Saks. My family, all small townish, wouldn't even feel comfortable walking into a Neiman or a Saks. I remember the first time I walked into a Nordstrom. I felt terribly underdressed in my jeans and definitely didn't think I belonged. And that was just Nordstrom! Neiman and Saks are symbols of the elite. They are symbols of wealth. They are NOT symbols of "Real America".

I'll admit, Palin looks amazing. But she's definitely not a symbol of small-town America.

I wonder how the other hockey moms Wasila dress?

Someone's PR rep should not be getting rehired.

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