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as of 1/24/08:

$3,860* raised out of $8,000** needed

*includes free samples
**may change based on discount programs

Who is Minna Matthews?

Minna Lendle was born in Germany during WWII to a German soldier fighting in the war and a mother who hid her Jewish friends in her basement. She married an American soldier when she was 18, had a baby, and moved to the states. After 38 years as a meat wrapper in a local grocery store, she retired and now lives with her cats and a giant German shepherd named Kingsley in Ozark, Missouri.

Breast Cancer

In 2001, at the age of 58, Minna was diagnosed with breast cancer. When a lumpectomy didn't work, Minna had a mastectomy, followed by weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. Her treatment caused many other problems to develop, and by the time Minna passed her 3-year check up she had also been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, major kidney and liver problems, and severely high blood pressure. She is now in full remission, but is constantly battling these other ailments.

The Fallout

Throughout most of her cancer treatment, Minna continued to work in her labor-intensive job. Years of hard work took their toll. Since recovering from cancer, Minna has had one knee replacement, needs another, suffered a herniated disc in her back, and had surgery for shoulder problems. She waited as long as she could to retire, but when she qualified for her pension, she decided to take a rest. The Cobra on her insurance ran out after 18 months, and she won't qualify for Medicare until she's 65. With all of the pre-existing conditions, she's been unable to get individual insurance. She's been coping with the cost of monthly doctor visits, but prescription costs are insane.

Vital Medications - Cost Per Month:

Aromasin - $300 - prevents recurrence of cancer
Blood Pressure/Heart Medication - $300 - lowers blood pressure to prevent heart attacks
Kidney Medication - $105 - maintains kidneys at current level of 40% full function
Insulin - $80 - for diabetes
Vitorin - $80 - lowers cholesterol to prevent heart attacks
Thyroid Medication - $30 - prevents overworked thyroid from causing weight gain and depression
Depression Medication - $250 - helps maintain chemical balance to stabilize moods

The total cost of her medications each month is over $1,145. Minna's doctors were able to offer a couple of months of free samples for several of the medications, so over the course of her eight months uninsured, she needs approximately $8,400.

For an extra kick in the pants, if she hadn't given up her German citizenship to become an American, Minna would get all of this FOR FREE!

If you've got an extra $5 or $10 around that you could contribute, please think of Minna. Every little bit helps. Another donor will match all donations up to $1,000.

If you'd like to donate, but don't want to do it online, please email somebodysmiracle@gmail.com for more information.


For information about the prohibitive cost of healthcare, check out the American Cancer Society's Access To Care.

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