Amelie Music

Went to a new wine bar on Polk St. the other night. I definitely love the atmosphere, and the wines were interesting. The selection has a lot of wines that you can find in any local shop, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. We did have $10 custom flights, though--which is a very good thing. The food was okay...cheese plates are awesome, flatbread is good, and the goat cheese salad is good. The other stuff was disappointing--and don't try to the raviole unless you're looking for a bowl of mac and cheese with a half-inch layer of oil at the bottom.

We'll definitely go back for the wine, but what we liked most was the music. We kept asking about it, and they didn't know the name of the French DJ who puts it together. I found my solution, though. If i just leave the website open in my browser, I get the music all day. It's on a pretty long loop. I haven't hit the end of it yet. I'll note how long when I reach it.

So give it a try: Amelie Music

Okay, so it was only about an hour. But it was still great!

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