Is it normal to get a little bit jealous when someone moves in on your territory, even when that territory is difficult to define? We went to Mud Lounge tonight and met this random chick. Corey thought he knew her, and it turns out they made out years ago at some big party where everyone was really drunk. Okay, so the Grace moment lasted just a bit...not because I wanna make out with him, but because that's something we haven't shared as friends. That's great and all, but when it has happened with a random person, it makes it feel a little weird. Then to add to that, she's totally friggin cool, but also totally dominant in a conversation. Like me, she must be the center of attention. Two of us just don't work well in the same group. And then there's the whole, she's graduating college and actually doing the go off to Germany thing. And she speaks better German than I do. And she's tall, but not as tall as I am. Seriously...she's like me, but a seemingly better version. It definitely makes me jealous and a little insecure. Ugh. Not a good feeling. Especially when I actually like her. Bah. So much for being all excited that I went out in friggin Springfield and met random people and hung out and made friends. Someone tell me to get over myself. Seriously.

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