The other day, a psych major friend and I were discussing the reasons for the promiscuity and casual attitude towards sex many rape victims display. Actually, we were trying to find those reasons.

Today an image typical to film, television, and literature struck me quite strongly. A woman is crying; she needs comfort; she is hurt; she is scared. A man touches her tear-stained lips with his finger and tenderly kisses her forehead, then her lips. He then looks into her eyes and strokes her cheek, showing her his love, protectiveness, and trustworthiness.

Okay, back to real life. How many times does this actually happen? Sincerely? One, if you're lucky. More if you live the life of a romance character, I suppose.

Isn't it easier to pretend that you don't give a shit? Really, I mean, if it's just sex, who cares if he wants to take care of you? Isn't that one of the reasons for a casual attitude toward sex? Possibly one of the reasons for promiscuity? I suppose it might be the same for rape victims.

If you can't trust, control...right?

*double sigh*

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