Must be at work at 6 am. Not looking forward to that. Am I crazy for volunteering for this stuff? Yes, yes I am.

Listening to Mandy...missing my girls.

Christmas isn't really a big deal in my family now that all the kids are grown, and I'd kind of forgotten how wonderful it could be to children. Actually, I don't think I've ever had Christmas with other kids around as an adult, so this one's Eve was new to me. We were hanging out at MG's house and Santa made a surprise appearance. After he left, we went out in the driveway to look for his sleigh flying high into the night. MG's 6 yr old brother watched the twinkling stars for signs of a sleigh and reindeer. (The NINE reindeer, as he so politely pointed out to me. Rudolph plus the other 8.) Christmas is oh so magical when children are around. Yay.

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